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About Conbud

🌱 Mission: Normalize, Educate, De-stigmatize 🌱

Our mission goes beyond providing NY’s finest bud. We’re here to normalize plant consumption, offer education, and de-stigmatize the formerly incarcerated community. We believe in second chances, and we’re dedicated to easing their integration back into society.

Every purchase at CONBUD is not just a transaction; it’s an investment in a brighter future. With us, you’re not just getting NY’s finest; you’re supporting a movement of change, opportunity, and second chances.

🌆 Rooted in Our Communities 🌆

CONBUD was founded by three visionaries, Black and Latino entrepreneurs, who understand the heartbeat of these neighborhoods. They’ve also experienced New York’s criminal justice system firsthand. Our journey fuels our commitment to create change, empower individuals, and elevate our communities. This past May 2024, ConBud officially opened its second dispensary in the Mott Haven area of the South Bronx.

About Conbud BX’s Michael Montas

Michael Montas, owner of the newly opened ConBud BX, changed the trajectory of his life shortly after the birth of his first child. Having been arrested for selling weed, when he was just 14 years old, Montas knew he had to turn things around. Resetting his life, he took on an entrepreneurial mindset, which led to the opening of his first legitimate business–All In One Motorsports, an autobody shop servicing Westchester County.

The gradual success of his autobody shop opened new doors for Montas. And along with it, his business knowledge expanded and so did his profits. With a newfound mindset and a better understanding of running a legal business, Montas was inspired to take on another. And one that allowed him to give back–especially to those who have also had to endure the consequences of illegal marijuana, at the time.

“Being that we went through the arrests and the war on drugs and cannabis, other people deserve another opportunity.”

Brands & Products

Nothing on this site is for sale. In-store purchases for those 21 and older only.

Top Selling In-Store


1906 offers a variety of products with the mission to make microdosed cannabis an accessible part of daily life.


ayrloom emphasizes the benefits of using cannabis in your life routine.


The first legal cannabis dispensary in upstate NY is now accessible in the South Bronx, with a wide range of products available for purchase in-store.


1906 offers a variety of products with the mission to make microdosed cannabis an accessible part of daily life.


Brass Knuckles vapes offer high-quality pens and potent cartridges with optimal flavor

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Bundles New York, Mata (Peppa Haze), and more..

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